Why Search Bar Is Important To E-commerce

Why Search Bar Is Important To E-commerce?

More than 70% of websites fail in having good search boxes. But, why? Why search bar is important to e-commerce? What is a good search bar?

Top Reasons

The search bar is a customer’s best friend. As a good online friend. It should be accommodating and attractive. Why? A good search bar means good customer experience.

On the other hand, a good search bar means more sales. Consider how a search bar affects your customers.

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1. Easy Product Finding

As an e-commerce site, you sure have lots of products. If I am a customer. I want to easily find what I am looking for. And that would lead me to the search box

Your search box should have filters and autofill suggestions. Even pictures where possible.

If I am stuck in my searching. I would head on to the search box. See? Wherever a customer goes on your website. He will always be with the search box. 

2. It Can Make Your Customers Stay

Suppose a customer is having a hard time. He can not find the right product he is looking for. Plus, he cannot easily see the search bar. Thus, he’s having a hard time navigating through the site.

For sure, he will not waste time staying on your site. He’ll surely head on to a competitor’s site. He can stay there instead. That is if he’s having a bad customer experience.

Yes, widely open the doors of your online store. Through effective search bars. Remember, it is not merely a ‘search bar’. Make it effective. Make it navigating. Have it easy.

3. Search Analytics For Better Marketing

Try to connect your search bar with Google Analytics. This way, you can have detailed documentation. It lets you see which products are mostly on search.

Using this analysis, you can improve and adjust your site content. You can add more sections or adjust some.

Let us say for example. Your analysis says a certain product is mostly on search. And you do not have a certain section of that product yet. But because of this search analysis, you can add that to a new section. 

Yes, you can make the most of your marketing. Make use of these search boxes for analysis.

4. Accessible For Mobile Users

A good search bar is also mobile-user friendly. Potential customers do not always stay with their PCs and laptops. Most of the time, they’re on their phones. Just as we are.

Think of how a good search bar can help. For instance, they’re on a bus, or in the malls. They could be anywhere public. Suppose they want to search for something they’re thinking of buying. 

They need a search bar that is good for being on the go. Moreover, it should be accessible. Attractive and easy to navigate. 

How is your search box doing? Are you now thinking about your customer’s shoes? Imagine if you are a customer. What kind of search bar appeals to you? How will you describe a good search experience? Thus, use these comfort features in your site.

Why search bar is important to e-commerce? Keep your customers on-site. Market your products better.

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