What Is Search Engine Optimization In E-commerce?

What is search engine optimization in e-commerce? How does this strategy market your business on the web? There are several reasons for you to consider. Read on to know more of them.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

SEO increases the business’s traffic. Moreover, this is not paid traffic. Coming from popular sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What’s more, these are organic ‘non-paid’ traffic. How cost-effective is that? 

To explain this further. Suppose you are searching for something on google. Then, you’ll see the top results after the paid ads and sites. These are ‘free organic searches’.

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And the SEO strategy ensures to have your website one of these search results. However, there are a lot more pages down the page. But, the target is to have your page on the lower page numbers. Because, the lower the page number, the higher traffic you’ll have. Otherwise goes for higher page numbers. 

A Study Of Page Numbers Over Marketing

There was a study conducted several years before. 

According to the study, only up to 5 % of web searchers turn into the second page of search results. 

Honestly, even I myself don’t turn unto the second page. Why? Because I often get what I need on the first page. And the first page often has more popularity with search results. 

That means, being on the first page means more traffic. More traffic means higher conversions.

SEO Over E-commerce

Getting back to our main topic. What is search engine optimization in e-commerce? How can a business increase its SEO rates?

Keyword Is The Key

Yes, the first step in gaining more traffic through SEO is ‘keywords’. What are those high-value search terms? These are the keywords that your target market mostly search for. The higher the search value. The higher the traffic. However, it also comes with a higher competition rate.

Thus, look for commercial keywords. It is unlikely with other keyword searches. Of which are mostly for information. However, commercial keywords focus more on ‘buying intent’.

This can be done in different searching ways. 

Google Auto-suggest

Make use of the Google search engine. Especially since Google is the most popular search engine today.

When you type something on google. You will see more suggestions below. Take note, these are one of the popular searches. In addition, after entering your search. You’ll see more related searches on ‘blue’ below the page.

These are potential keywords. You can use these for your SEO.

Amazon Search Bar

Amazon is one of today’s popular e-commerce sites. Unlike Google, Amazon is more into products. Since this is an e-commerce webpage. However, Google is more into ‘information’.

You can do the same steps in searching for popular keywords. 

Search keywords similar to your products. These, in turn, will provide you with popular keywords. Keywords that are product-focused. Which are more into ‘buying intent’. 

Thus, for e-commerce Amazon is one of your top websites to search for. Aside from Amazon, try searching on your competitor’s website. You can learn how they do their market.

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