How To Build A Great Search Box In E-commerce Website?

We love our customers, don’t we? So how to build a great search box in e-commerce website? Of course, we want to give them the best possible search experience. There’s a battle between failure and success.

Even myself, as a customer, I don’t like poor searches. That turns me off. Because I know, there are better search options out there.

Certainly, a good search experience draws customers back. Moreover, they can even invite others to the same shop. You sure don’t want to miss this feature.

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So how can you better these areas of your site? Yes, how to build a great search box in e-commerce website?

Let us consider some tips.

Tips In Building A Great Search Box

1. Design Matters

No, I am not saying put some flowers and glitters into your search bar. Know that good designs don’t have to be glittery and such. You just have to stand out.

How can you make the search box stand out?


Try having it in a different color from your website’s color scheme. Surely, this is one way to draw it out from the rest of the page.
However, have it in accordance with the color wheel too. Make sure it fits your color branding too. But yes, putting a little contrast helps much.


Do not leave that box empty! Have it with a text that invites your customers to search. Yes, it should be interactive.
Something like, ”enter product name”, “search”, or “find ..”. Moreover, you can blend in some arrows too.

Thus, your search box is your website’s receptionist. It can make them feel welcome. Keep things simple and easy for your customers.

2. Include Filter Options

A good search engine is a good host. And a good host caters to their customers’ needs at its best.
Make your customer’s search experience easy. One thing is letting them filter their searches.

For instance, you are selling women’s clothing. Add filter options, such as size, color, style, and length.
In addition, there’s one more way of increasing a customer’s attention. Include the filter options such as:

  • new arrivals
  • sale/clearance items
  • by brand

These filter options can make your customers feel ‘easy-comfortable shopping’.
That’s what you like when you shop too, don’t you?

3. Use Smart Auto-complete Feature

What’s a faster way to shop than to type a single word and there it is! There’s what you’re looking for in the options below.
Adding this smart auto-complete feature to your search box does the magic. Don’t you know? Customers convert six times more with this feature than with the pages who don’t.

Certainly, this feature can increase your overall conversion rate. In addition, this can let you enjoy a per visitor value.
Furthermore, consider adding product photos on these autocomplete site searches. This simplifies a customer’s shopping experience.

Thus, adding the auto-complete feature to your search boxes is another magic. Combine it with your product pictures, and that’s a bomb.

Overall, the key to improving your search boxes is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. You want to be comfortable while searching, don’t you? Then giving that comfort to your customers aids a lot too.

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