E Commerce Search Facets

E-Commerce Search Facets: Full Definition

What are E-Commerce Search Facets? And how can it help your business? 

Let’s define and explore the faceted search in e-commerce.

What is E-Commerce Search Facets?

Search facets is a technique in e-commerce sites. It helps improve traditional searches.

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It is also an alternative to basic navigation. Basic navigation makes it less easy for your customers to shop.

Moreover, these search facets use filters. So, customers can narrow down their search results. Hence, they can find and buy quickly.

Additionally, it uses categories or criteria that visitors can select. These categories can be size, color, price, or brand.

What are the benefits of E-Commerce Search Facets?

In a nutshell, your customers can find their desired product easier and faster. 

Here are some other benefits of using a faceted search on your site.

Improve A Product’s Discoverability

Making your product more discoverable is one of the best features you can achieve. Take note, your customers can only buy what they can find. 

Thus, applying search facets will improve your on-site conversions. The result? It will be easy for your potential customer to spot what they are looking for.

Of course, there may be customers who aren’t sure what they’re looking for. How can these search facets help them? Facets will outline the categories of your website. Then, it shows search suggestions.

Let’s get one example. If you type “vacuum cleaner” on Amazon’s search bar, it will show you 40,000 results.

But facets help categorize product catalogs. It categorizes vacuum cleaner into:

  • a brand
  • vacuum bag type
  • features
  • floor type

Provide Powerful Customer Experience

Search facets simplify your customers’ search journey. If your customer enjoys his search journey, it’s more likely that he’ll buy.

Traditional site search requires the customers to outline the category of the product they want to buy. But, the faceted search will outline the category for them. 

Your customers now will not ask themselves, “what should I type into this search box?” Instead, facets will drive them to ask, “Which of these facets can help me find the item I want?”

Decrease Irrelevant Searches

Irrelevant and null-result searches can be frustrating to your customer. Besides, site visitors who receive these kinds of results are more likely to leave your site. Worse, they will never come back again.

But with search facets, it will only show results relevant to the customer.

Collect Valuable Data

Search facets will analyze data that can improve your site. These data may include your customers’ browsing activities. It can also be your customers’ search history.

Thus, it will help you optimize your e-commerce site. Also, it will help you locate patterns of your customers. Finally, it will help you personalize offerings to increase sales.

Improve Sales

Search facets narrow down results. So, it results in the paradox of choice.

Studies show that removing product choices through facets helps. It increases your customers’ chances to buy. It is called the conversion rate of your products.

Moreover, the search results will automatically fit the description of the product they need. Thus, your chances of selling to your customer are now higher.

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