What are Search Algorithms for E-Commerce?

What is a search algorithm? And what are the types of search algorithms for e-commerce?

Let’s find out!

What is the search algorithm?

A search algorithm is a unique formula that solves a search problem. 

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Search engines use search algorithms to get information. This information is stored in a data structure.

Moreover, these algorithms define the ranking of a web page and its content. Search engines have unique search algorithms. And it helps determine the significance of web pages.

What are the common types of search algorithms for E-Commerce?

Search engines use different algorithms. They connect it to the data size and structure. Also, it helps produce return investments.

Linear Search Algorithm

A linear search algorithm is the most basic of all algorithms. Why? It only needs a small amount of code to apply.

Linear search is also known as a sequential search. It uses the most simple formula.

This type of algorithm works best for shortlists. These lists are unordered and unsorted.

How does this search algorithm work? It looks at the items as a list. Then, it finds the item by searching it.

Once the algorithm finds the item, it stops searching.

Binary Search Algorithm

A binary search algorithm makes use of the ordering of a list. Thus, it is best to find an item from a sorted list.

This algorithm is also known as binary chop.

How does this algorithm work? It starts searching in the middle of the list. Then, it compares the target value to the middle item. Finally, it divides the search space in half.

If the target is lower than the middle value, it “chops” the upper half. On the other hand, if the target is higher than the middle value, it “chops” the lower half.

This type of algorithm is good for larger databases. It is easier to produce faster results than the linear algorithm.

It has three sections:

  1. Pre-processing – sorts the list if not in order
  2. Binary search – divides the space in half after comparison
  3. Post-processing – determines which of the items fit for the category

How do search algorithms affect your e-commerce SEO?

Search algorithms have a big impact on your SEO. It determines the rank of your web page when the results are listed.

Let us consider three areas.


The search engine knows how keywords are used in your web page. Then, it will determine if that page is relevant to your customers.

Your web page will rank better if your keywords are written in:

  • your web page’s title
  • the headline of your page
  • first couple sentences of your web page

Individual Rules

As mentioned earlier, search engines have specific search algorithms. So, they have their own set of rules of an algorithm’s application.

Let’s cite one example. If you search for “summer outfit” Google, it will have different results if you search again on Yahoo.

Thus, we can see that the engine’s different algorithms show different results, too.

Off-Page Factors

Off-page factors are the actions outside of your web page. It includes hyperlinks and click-through analyses.

These factors can help you know how many people visit your site. It also helps you know if they immediately exit your site. Lastly, it helps you track how long they spend time on your site.

Poor off-page actions will affect your site. It can lower the relevancy of your site. Worse, it can affect your SEO ranking, too.

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