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E-commerce Search Features: Must-Haves For Your Site

Search is your e-commerce website’s asset. However, what should include in your e-commerce search features? Be sure to put these on your checklist. To optimize your marketing. Thus, increase your customer’s satisfaction.

1. Be User-Friendly

More than 70% of users opt for ease. Easy searches, easy navigation, and easy viewing.

Because e-commerce lives by customer’s satisfaction. We want to make sure we meet our customer’s needs.

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Besides, being user-friendly has to do with the design. The design does not need to be overly done. Ease is to simplicity, isn’t it? However, remember not to compromise elegance. Because your design speaks of your services.

This has to do with your color branding, text, and fonts. Make sure to collaborate on these elements effectively. This can add to the visual and personal experience of your customers.

2. Mobile Friendly

Do you know that Walmart’s sales increased by up to 98%? Just by optimizing their mobile site into being more mobile-friendly?

Yes. Because half of the online transactions are on mobile. Customers are not on their desktops all the time. So ensure a mobile-friendly website. It should adapt both in desktop and mobile views.

3. Photos With High-Resolution & Different Angles

As a potential customer, I want to see the entirety of my search. And visuals help a lot. This is because images sell, not text.

Provide photos with different product angles. Most importantly, have it in high resolution. Also, have it in a clear background. This helps in highlighting the product, and its features.

However, this does not limit to professional photos. Instagram photos help a lot too. This can increase up to 24% checkout rates.

Also, up to 39% of the consumer drop-off rate results from poor image load. So make sure to deal with this technicality.

4. User Reviews

95% of online shoppers take note of reviews. Half of them will go for those who have 4 or more stars. This is because reviews show the reliability of your products.

Do not worry about negative reviews. Having all-positive reviews is doubtful. Shoppers might think of them as fake and paid. So don’t hide these negative reviews. This makes up the balance of your social proof.

5. Promote Special Offers On The Header

What’s more exciting for a shopper than a sale alert? The purchase happens even when one doesn’t have the intent of buying. But because of a ‘sale offer’, this can lead one to.

It can make shoppers feel privileged. Also, it adds to their acting on impulse. Adding these into specific products make a good deal.
Moreover, using ongoing promotions also improves SEO.

6. Include Wish Lists & Favorites Section

A shopper can have hundreds of products on his wish list. Everyone loves this feature! This offers the idea of shopping, saving, and then sharing.

They may not buy it at the moment. But see this feature as reserved sales. These saved items are potential future sales.
Besides, this tells what products are more saleable.

Surely, there are more e-commerce search features for your site’s search experience. Be proactive in improving your customer’s experience. Always aim for their satisfaction.

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