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Top Effective Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Search

The Importance of Good ECommerce Product Search

To illustrate the importance of your eCommerce product search, consider these two scenarios.

In the first scenario, you went to a store and ask for a specific item. But the staff can’t find what you’re looking for. So you have this negative impression of the store. Also, you walk out of the store disappointed.

In the second scenario, you visit the same store and ask for an item. The store doesn’t have the item. But this time, they assist you and persuade you to try a similar item. Because of that, you have this positive impression of the store. 

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You also think that the staff is friendly. So, you step out of the store happy and satisfied.

As a customer, I’m sure you agree that we want the second scenario. Thus, we should also apply that to our eCommerce websites.

But how can we improve our eCommerce product search?

Consider the eCommerce product search tips below.

Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Search

Set Up Product Filters

First, you need to identify the characteristics of your products. Then, set up product filters and facets.

You can do that by setting characteristics such as:

  • brand
  • relevance
  • trends
  • price
  • date of manufacturing

How is it going to affect your customers’ experience? They will get the results they want to see. 

Also, they do not have to browse through products that they do not want to buy. Thus, it will improve their search experience.

Make A Smooth Search/Navigation Design

When browsing your eCommerce, your customers will look for a search bar first. So make sure your navigation design is smooth!

Here are some tips and reminders.

  • Place your search bar in the upper left column. You can also place it in the header bar beside your website logo.
  • Keep your font size readable. So, your customers can see it quickly.
  • Make sure your search bar stands out from other forms.
  • Put the term “SEARCH” or place a magnifying lens symbol in the bar.

Use Autocomplete Search Bar

You need to guide your customers in their buying experience. Another tip is to build an intelligent autocomplete search bar.

What does autocomplete do?

  • Predicts and shows a list of suggested options. These options are based on what they’re looking for.
  • Helps the customers find an item when it is difficult to spell.
  • Assists your non-English customers.
  • Saves your customers time.

Show the Search Bar on All Pages

Showing the search bar on all pages will benefit you a lot. It can improve your customers’ product search experience.

Also, your customers will thank you because you save time. By having the bar visible, they do not have to go back to the homepage to search again.

Add Synonym Tools in Your Search Engine

Make sure your search engine has synonym tools. It will help you gain new customers. Why?

They may look for an item that your store doesn’t have. If your store shows “no results found,” it will push your customers away and look for other stores.

Also, your customer may misspell a word. And not every customer can type the same word for a given item.

Let’s take one example. If a customer searches for “cell phones,” you can also show results under “mobile phones.” Thus, synonym tools can improve the chance of making your visitors into customers.

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