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E-Commerce Search Experience: Full Definition

How can you improve the e-Commerce search experience on your website? And how will it affect the success rate of your business?

We’ll help you on how to contribute to a positive e-Commerce search experience.

Why is a good e-Commerce search experience important?

When you have a good e-commerce search, it is fast and convenient. Also, a precise search will increase your customers’ trust. So, the chance of them buying your products will increase.

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Thus, a good search experience will also help your business grow.

Additionally, customers prefer searching than clicking categories. Since many people search for the item, you must improve your search experience.

What are the characteristics of a good e-commerce search experience?

Relevant Search Results

The most important part of a good e-commerce search experience is the relevant search results of your search engine. Make sure your search engine supports keywords or model numbers. So, your customers can easily find what they want to buy.

Also, your search engine should suggest a correct spelling if the user misspelled a word. Do not assume that your customer can spell your product perfectly.

Product Type Synonyms

Map a set of product synonyms to titles, types, and category names. If your customer searches for a “blow dryer,” your search engine should also display a “hairdryer.”

Also, you can set up a keyword synonym logic. It can help you more if you want to update it regularly.

Symbols and Abbreviations Support

Some users would type “13” laptop sleeve” and not “13-inch laptop sleeve.” Your search engine should display exactly the same results. 

So, map a set of common symbols and abbreviations. You can also make a lit of units of measurements and put it in the product description.

Faceted Search

Filtering and sorting are helpful for a smooth e-commerce search experience. When you use a faceted search, the customer will see a list of filters with categories.

Moreover, don’t just rely on generic filters, including:

  • size
  • category
  • price
  • brand

But also, give specific facets related to the customer’s searches. You can include the following types of facets:

  • style
  • season
  • usage

Caution on Auto-Suggestions

Do not apply auto-suggestions based on other customers’ queries. Why? It often causes redundant and irrelevant suggestions.

Also, check your auto-suggestions logic regularly. Otherwise, some suggestions can lead to a dead end. So, do not use search histories to show suggestions.

Prefill the Query

Not prefilling the query on the results page can lead to dissatisfaction of customers. Your customers’ time is wasted if they’d have to retype their query.

Let’s say your customer typed “sleeve,” and he wanted to add the size. If you prefill the query, the customer will simply add “11′” for the size.


Every e-commerce site should pay attention to the e-commerce search experience. It can be a good solution for online issues.

We’ve seen businesses grow and get more sales just by site search. Also, it will keep the loyalty of your customers.

Making changes like the steps above can improve your site functionality. Thus, your customers will have a fun and enjoyable shopping experience.

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