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Ecommerce Platforms That You Need In 2020

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Ecommerce Platforms That You Need In 2020

Are you looking for the store’s best eCommerce platform? It’s a huge option, and it will have a long-term influence on your business.

It is also a difficult call that needs to weigh for several different factors. In other words, the option of the best eCommerce platform is like choosing the best vehicle.

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We’ll help you with that now! Now! The following is a detailed comparison of the market’s leading eCommerce sites.


Wix offers its clients a simple way to create a website or an online shop. In reality, over 500,000 organizations worldwide are responsible for their website.

Wix also hosts the online shop, and its plans cost-effective, beginning with an annual membership at $23 / month.

You can select from more than 500 free smartphone-optimized eCommerce themes and build your shop with global coverage in over 90 languages.

You can connect unlimited physical objects and accounts, starting with the cheapest plan. Subscription purchases, though, come with a higher standard package.

Highlights of Wix’s eCommerce app are cart recovery lost, flexible checkout screen, instant shopping keys, gallery cart extension, preference listings, reward plans, discount codes, and consumer profiles.

Besides, the online ad loan is worth $300, and other valuable marketing resources are available online. Wix also promotes Twitter, Instagram, and eBay purchases through multi-channel.


Shopify is a prominent provider of eCommerce sites. In comparison, it has over a million shops, 2.1 million daily customers, with sales of $155B+ products.

Your plans begin at $29 / month. They have an internal payment distribution infrastructure and significant delivery discounts.

You can choose from 73 mobile-optimized subjects, 9 of which are free and 64 payable. It’s $140 from here. The number of items you can include does not include a cap.

However, to process a subscription plan, you require a plugin program in the Shopify App Store. Many of the other highlights include lost cart rescue, gift cards, customized coupon code, and integrated marketing software.

It requires email marketing and dissemination of social media (country-based disponibility). However, you can connect two subscribing accounts for the cheapest scheme.


You only were established last year, and fresh ideas for a simple eCommerce platform came out of the start. Their plans start at $8.99 / month, which is very inexpensive.

It provides you with a three-year pledge to help you create an online shop and with some state of the art AI integrations. Choose from 11 free mobile-optimized shop subjects.

You may adjust the Drag and Drop feature in a convenient grid configuration. Moreover, you may incorporate physical and digital items, but they do not allow the sale of subscriptions at this stage.

The cheapest package can limit to 100 items. It upgrades to the next level unlimited.

A live chat plugin that comes with personalized coupon codes and gift cards is another prominent feature. A higher-level Plus package is available with abandoned cart retrieval functionality and Facebook and Instagram integrations. The default integration with Amazon will also be of interest to US customers.

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