What is search engine in e-commerce

What Is Search Engine In E-commerce?

What Is Search Engine In E-commerce? A search engine is a system that is designed or intended to carry out a web search, which means to search the World Wide Web for particular information specified in a textual web search query.
This is usually done by typing a particular keyword in a search bar. And hitting that enter button to get a list of pages or information you are looking for.

How Important Is A Search Bar In E-commerce?

A search engine essentially acts as a filter for the numerous amount of information available on the site. What Is Search Engine In E-commerce? This will help the users easily and quickly find information that is of genuine interest or value for them without wasting time by wading through irrelevant information on that particular site.
Almost one-third of visitors use the site search bar to navigate on e-commerce sites. This just shows their clear intent to buy or purchase by entering product names they wish to browse from that site.

How E-commerce Site Owners Create The Best Experience For Their Visitors

So as not to lose that potential extra sale, e-commerce site owners usually do the following:

Making The Search Bar Easy To Find.

Search bars don’t need to be too big or bold or catchy for the users, but site visitors should be able to find it quickly when they arrive at the page and navigate.

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Consider Where To Place The Search Box.

Its location allows the site visitors to make use of it to look for products from that page.
A search box should not be located near to other boxes such as newsletter sign-ups or postcode searches for stock information to avoid confusion.

Use Autocomplete For Site Search.

Applying this feature to your search bar can greatly improve the user’s search experience because it reduces the work that site visitors need to do.
For example, as they type, some products are suggested. Additionally, the use of images not only provides a visual appeal but it also allows site visitors to check the products quickly.

Leave The Right Breadcrumbs.

It irritates especially when a website produces breadcrumbs like Home > Search > Your Search Result. But leaving the right breadcrumbs can make the user’s life much easier.
A useful breadcrumb allows people to search without clearing everything and starting from the beginning. They use them to get more precise results. Moreover, fast and hassle-free shopping experience will more likely result in a sale.

You Have To Make Sure That It Works Properly And Is Fast.

Always remember that when load time increases the profit decreases. Amazon reports that “one additional second would cost them $1.6 Billion dollars in sales”.
Therefore, it’s always important to run tests and make sure that your load time is appropriate. That includes checking also the load time on mobile devices and other devices.

You Can Also Give Search Suggestions.

If you placed suggestive texts in your search bar, it will allow or encourage the site visitors to search for something on your site, but limit your hints to a few words only.
Search queries not only give them suggestions but it also makes it clear on what they can search for on your website and how many criteria are available.

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