Why Social Commerce is Important

Why Social Commerce is Important

There are a lot of reasons why social commerce is important today. There are many advantages that it gives to brands that get into it.

Since its birth more than a decade ago, social commerce is only rising. In this modern age, it has become a part of a lot of people’s shopping routines. That is why it is becoming crucial for brands to get into it. Why, then, is social commerce important? Let us see some reasons for that in this article.

Why Social Commerce is Important

Steady Audience Growth

Today, more and more people are using social media. In fact, there are thousands of new users every day. As of the start of 2021, there are already 4.33 billion social media users in the world. That is 55% of the world’s total population. What does this mean?

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More social media users mean new possible audiences. Thus, giving you limited possibilities. One of those is the chance to gain a steady growth of audiences. As a result, you can better reach your target market and have a higher chance to gain more sales.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Better social media engagement means better search engine ranking. Why? Because social commerce can help boost traffic to your brand’s website. In turn, it can help increase your ranking on search engines. How can this be?

Posting your e-commerce link is the key to help with your search engine ranking. If you show this on your social media page, your followers can click the link. Thus, driving traffic to your site.

More Authentic Engagement and Traffic

As said, social commerce can help you grow your audience. When this happens, you can then build conversations with potential customers. Then, when they share your content, their peers can also engage with your post.

Shared posts are authentic. Why? Because peers can family members of the sharer will trust them more. So, if they see them sharing your brand, they will also trust it more.

Customer Loyalty

Social commerce helps you build good relationships with your customers. Continuous engagement can help them connect with you.

Customers like it if they can reach you directly. So, social media is a great avenue for customer service. You can answer their questions and more instantly. If they see you value them, then this can help drive customer loyalty.

Business Metrics

Social media sites feature valuable metrics. This can help you measure all your efforts. So, you will know whether your campaigns or ads were a success or not. You can then adjust your next campaigns based on the results of these metrics.

Some social media sites have metrics for these:

  • impressions
  • likes
  • reactions
  • engagements
  • reach
  • total fans or followers
  • traffic to your website via click counts

Social Commerce is Important

As you can see, social commerce is now important. All those listed above are not even all of the reasons why it is. What do you think? Are you ready to get into social commerce? If so, go ahead. Do not be late for this train.

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