What Is An Image Search?

What Is An Image Search?

Let us learn about what is an image search? Also, let us know how this technology works using apps the apps that we can download.

Introduction About Image Search

Image search is a search engine that is designed to find images. It is based on a provided keyword and/or parameters.

Also, used by people looking for images or photographs of any of the following:

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  • a specific person
  • object, event
  • Place

Image search engines can be found at different sites, such as Google Images, Bing Image Search, and TinEye.

While Google is the most famous image search engine. But the results are not completely accurate.

The search results are by an algorithm. It is a creation by engineers.

The following are examples of common search terms that people use to find images:

  • “Search term”+“search term”
  • “Search term” + “keyword/phrase”

An example of this is if I wanted to search for an image of a polar bear, I would type “polar bear”+ “polar bear.”

What Is Search For?

You can use the image any time you want to find an image. Or a photograph for any given keyword or phrase.

Also, if you want to find an image of an item, person, place, or event, using image search is one way to do it.

How Does It Work?

It works by taking a keyword or phrase. Then run it through the search engine algorithm.

The algorithm will then return relevant images. The result is from the internet.

You can sort it in different ways. Such as its relevance, date, name of the file, etc.

How To Use It?

Some websites use this technology. Such as Google Images and Bing Images to find results.

To use these websites correctly and get accurate results, there are two steps you need to take.

  1. Knowing how Google Images works.
  2. Understanding how Bing Images works.

How Google Images Works:

Google Images returns relevant images from a keyword/phrase that you type into the search bar. All images are displayed with thumbnails below them for you to view.

If the image is not found within that page of results, you will need to click on the “page 2” or “page 3” link.

It is at the bottom of the page to see additional pages with images. So each page will have different images.

Also, it has different selections of thumbnails. This is according to your set of keywords/phrases.

You can also click on any thumbnail from any page. So it will expand into a larger version of the photograph for easier viewing.

You can then click on one picture and it will open up another page.

It is the image in a larger size. This is the same image that appears in the thumbnail size. But it is larger and easier to view.

But if you want to find more photographs of the same image here is what you should do.

  • Use the back button on your browser to get to another search page.

How Bing Images Works:

Also, there is another search engine that uses this technology. It is Bing Image Search. 

It provides similar results as Google Images.

Also allows you to click on the smaller thumbnails and see a larger version of the image. In addition, you can click once on the larger image.

Then it will take you to another page of results that contain similar images of that same photograph.

The biggest difference between Bing Images and Google Images is how they display the search results page.

Bing Images displays a list of images with thumbnails below them. It is for you to click on. 

Whereas, Google Images displays thumbnails with a caption. Also, a title below each one with an image to view below it.

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