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Visual Recognition App: Top Apps You Need To Watch

A visual recognition app refers to software that can identify an object, people, or place in an image or whatever it captures using your device’s camera. It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to achieve accurate image recognition.

So, what are some examples of visual recognition apps or image recognition apps? Let’s look at the following.

Top Visual Recognition Apps You Need To Watch

Google Lens

This technology from Google allows capturing images with a smartphone camera. It will then perform an image-based search on the web. After that, it will present you with relevant search results.

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You can also take a picture of contact cards to save the address, phone number, or link to websites. So, you don’t have to manually type them on your device.


This app is very useful for blind and visually impaired users. How? Well, it uses your camera, as well as VoiceOver functions (For iOS) or TalkBack (for Android) to take videos and pictures of anything you point it with. Then, it voices out loud for you the things it identifies.

Aipoly Vision

Aipoly Vision app is somewhat like TapTapSee. It’s an example of an app also designed visually impaired. It’s also useful for color-blind people. Because it can recognize things or colors they’re pointing to with their smartphone camera.

Cam Find

This app allows its users to search the physical world. Just take a picture of an object, then it will tell you what it is. It will also generate practical results and local shopping offers.

Moreover, they can save their findings to their profiles. As well as share them with friends and family easily.


ScreenShop is for people who love fashion. Especially if you want to know where to get the items you see from photos of celebrities and fashion models.

That’s because this app identifies shoppable items in photos. Besides, it focuses on clothes and accessories.

Flow Powered By Amazon

This app can identify millions of products – from DVDs to a box of cereals. Also, it can scan business cards. It can also decode UPC barcodes, QR codes, web, email addresses, etc.

Google Reverse Image Search

This tool helps you look for images that are similar to the ones you uploaded. Also, the search results include related images, sizes of that image, as well as sites that contain the image you’re searching for.


LeafSnap is a visual recognition app developed by nature researchers. It helps its users to identify tree species from photos of their leaves. Besides, you can enjoy high-resolution images of flowers, fruits, and leaves it provides.


This app uses deep learning and image classification technology. Well, it just scans the content of the dish on your plate.

Not only that but it also indicates the ingredients and computes the total number of calories. All from a single photo.

Well, take a photo of your meal and it’ll present you with the nutritional information you need to stay fit and healthy.


This image recognition app for wine labels. The user takes a photo of any wine label. The app will then present him with detailed information about the wine. That also includes its community ratings and reviews.

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