E-commerce Website Design

Tips for a Catchy E-commerce Website Design

Your e-commerce website design is one of the first things your users see. So make sure it is worth their seconds and worth staying for. But how can you do so?

E-commerce Website Design Tips

Here are some tips: 

1. Keep it minimalistic. 

The more information you provide, the more likely your website will be overwhelming. It is better to summarize the most important information and let users access the rest of the data if they want to. 

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2. Provide navigation in different ways. 

Do not make your users think too much about how to navigate through your website. You can add sidebars and footers with links to other pages or you can interlace the content with internal, highlighted links. 

3. Keep it mobile-friendly.

Mobile devices are more and more popular these days, so it is best to design a good-looking mobile version of your website as well. 

4.Keep it consistent. 

The look of your website should be consistent throughout all pages, no matter what kind of page it is (homepage, blog, product page, etc.

5. Use great fonts and colors for texts and backgrounds. 

Make sure that everything can be easily read and seen without any effort from the visitors’ side. 

6. Use images for product presentation.

You can use images instead of texts when presenting your products, especially if the product is a small one. Images can help your visitors understand what the product is about and how it looks. 

7. Use animations and videos. 

You can add short videos to highlight some interesting features of your products or you can use animations to make your website more vivid and catchier. 

8. Make sure the website loads fast. 

The faster your website loads, the less likely it is for users to leave it before getting used to it. 

9. Make sure your website is responsive.

It is not enough to design a great-looking website if it cannot be accessed from different devices. 

10. Don’t forget about SEO. 

If you want people to find you on the Internet, you must make sure that your website is easily accessible on Google and other search engines. 

11. Make sure your website is secure. 

Make sure that your customers’ personal information and credit card information is protected and will not fall into wrong hands when they are shopping on your e-commerce website.

12. Make it easy to contact you. 

It is important to let your visitors know how to get in touch with you if they have any questions or suggestions regarding your products. 

Things to Avoid in E-commerce Website Design

1. Use wrong colors. 

Sounds obvious, but many people do not pay enough attention to it. Colors play a great role when it comes to e-commerce website design and you must choose them wisely. 

2. Use too many images or videos. 

Being too creative is not always good and sometimes you might want to stay simple rather than using dozens of images and videos that might make your website look cluttered and messy. 

3. Use annoying pop-ups or banners. 

If your visitors are annoyed with pop-ups or banners that appear every two seconds while they are browsing through your website, they will leave it before even checking out your products. 

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