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Social Commerce: Why Important?

Today, more and more people are getting into social commerce. More businesses are selling online because more people are buying.

Before the pandemic, it has been seeing a rising trend. But it saw a spike once people are forced to stay at their homes most of the time.

Why? For one, people now use their phones more than ever. And most of the time, they are on their social media accounts.

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Thus, social commerce makes it easier for them to buy while browsing their feeds. We now see ads with the “shop now” or “buy” button that lets users buy without ever going out of the app.

Of course, businesses would want to take advantage of this trend. But what are some reasons why social commerce is important? What will it mean for companies?

Read on to know more.

Social Commerce: Why Important?

Social Experience

The shopping experience on social commerce is more interactive versus regular e-commerce. Customers can ask their peers what they think about an item or service.

Aside from that, they can also share an item they bought or a service they availed. And they can also see their peer’s recent buys.

What makes this great? The fact that it can give the social aspect of buying in the mall. Especially now that we are at our homes most of the time.

Removes Friction

When a user sees an ad, they can click or tap the “shop now” button then buy right then and there. Thus, removing the friction during the customer experience.

As a result, it is easier for customers to buy. And there is a shorter time from discovery to checkout. So, you gain sales faster.

Real Money

As said, social commerce is seeing a spike during the pandemic. Meaning, more customers are buying from social media sites.

In fact, as per one survey, 81% of shoppers today use Facebook or Instagram for products or services. Further, 48% of Pinterest users have a buying intent while using the app.

Thus, this can result in real money. And as said earlier, social commerce removes friction. So, it can help in getting faster sales. So, that is real and faster money there.

Millennials and Gen Zs

Social commerce is good for many businesses. But it is best for brands with a target market of shoppers aged 18 to 34. Why?

Because this is where Millennials and Gen Zs shop. These age groups are more willing to buy what they see while scrolling at their social media feeds.

One survey shows that 48% of US shoppers in these age groups have bought something on social media. For those who haven’t, 27% of them said they are willing to go and try.

Social Commerce is Important

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why social commerce is important today. And these reasons are heavy.

So, if you are not yet into social commerce, then you should start now. You do not want to get behind your rivals, right? Also, you will gain the benefits said above.

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