search function for e-commerce

Search Function for e-Commerce

What is the search function for e-commerce?

E-Commerce has changed the way we shop nowadays. This way is easier and more convenient for all.

As an online shop owner, you surely want to be successful in your business. How do you do it?

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One of the best ways is by giving your shoppers an enjoyable shopping experience. With this, you give them reasons why they should visit and buy from your shop again and again. Hence, making a useful search feature on your e-Commerce website would be such a big help!

What is the e-Commerce search feature?

This is a small rectangular box on your website. Further, it finds the items the shoppers want to buy. They only need to type the keywords that match your item’s name and its details.  

How important is the search function for e-commerce?

Most of the active shoppers already know what to buy. When they visit your website, they go straight to the search box.

Also, it helps shoppers save time. Always remember that people shop online because it is faster. They want to find the item they are looking for in just one or two clicks.

Things to remember

Do not expect shoppers to be very patient. Having a bad search feature will only encourage them to click away and go to other websites. Worse, they will never visit your website ever again. 

Thus, do not ignore the power of the search box. Make a good one, make a good impression!

What makes a good search feature?

Here are some useful tips for you. 

Make the search box visible

Put it where the shoppers expect it. Never make them search for the search box. Their shopping experience always depends on it.

Add some text in the search box

You can put some text inside the box like “search here” or “enter keywords”. This will guide your shoppers on how to start.

Make a big search box

Some shoppers type long descriptions about the item they want to buy. Not having enough space will cause them to type repeated and wrong words. A big search box will never annoy them, for sure! 

Show autosuggestion

Many shoppers want to have more options. They want to see more of what you can offer. Suggestions will give a shopper a more enjoyable shopping experience. 

Put in linking keywords

Other shoppers don’t know the name of the item they want to buy. Instead, they type related words to the item. Linking keywords has a big role in leading them to their wanted item.

Use filters for the search results

Most of the shoppers are very specific with the item details. As they type the item’s name, they also type the color, price, brand, fit, length, fabric, size, and so on. These filters will help them find the right item.

Show search history

Some shoppers might close your website by mistake while they are browsing. Some of them also want to check or buy items on your website again. The records in the search history would be a great support.  

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