is social shopping the same as social commerce

Is Social Shopping The Same As Social Commerce

Is social shopping the same as social commerce? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of both. So, read on to learn more.

Social Shopping

Social shopping is a form of online shopping that involves social networks. But social shopping is different from traditional online shopping in the business industry.

Why? It features the social interactions between people.

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It uses social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

With Social Shopping, a consumer can find and share the products he/she likes with his/her friends. These friends can also comment on those products that they like or dislike with the consumer.

Social shopping is beneficial for both consumers and businesses. Consumers are able to learn more about their favorite brands from their friends’ posts and reviews. They are also able to share their opinions with others about the products they like, which increases their engagement with brands.

Businesses are able to access consumers’ feedback. It adds suggestions about its products through social shopping on online platforms.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is a type of electronic commerce based on social networks. It is the process of selling goods and/or services through social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Social commerce aims to improve the relationships between businesses and social network users. Also, social commerce is also a marketing strategy used to increase sales and brand awareness. 

In order to achieve this, companies use social media platforms. So, it can market its products and interact with customers. Social commerce is beneficial for both businesses and consumers

Social Commerce is making a lot of changes in the retailing domain. It has changed the way consumers interact with brands. It has also changed the mindset of the consumers.

Is Social Shopping the Same as Social Commerce?

Social shopping is a combination of social networking and online shopping. With social shopping, consumers are able to share their opinions about products they like. They are also able to learn more about products from their friends’ posts and reviews.

Social Commerce is a marketing strategy used by businesses. It is to increase sales and brand awareness through social media platforms such as Facebook.

Social shopping and Social Commerce have many similarities. Both involve the interaction of consumers and businesses through social networks. Also, both use sharing of information about products among consumers. It is through social networking sites.

But, there are differences between the two terms: 

  • Social Shopping is based on online shopping in the business industry.
  • Social Commerce is based on electronic commerce in business sales. 


Social commerce is the extension of social shopping in the business industry. It combines social networking with electronic commerce. Which is the process of performing commercial transactions through the internet. 

Social shopping and social commerce will play an important role in changing the face of retailing in the future. You should start using both these terms now, even if you are not familiar with them because they will surely come up in conversations or discussions at some point.

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