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Increase Brand Growth in Social Commerce

Your brand will surely attain growth in social commerce – only if you follow the practices listed below. Read on to see how to benefit from this strategy. 

Social commerce has created new opportunities for brands big and small. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected brick and mortar businesses further. Thus, social commerce is more crucial than ever. How can your brand achieve growth in social commerce? 

What is Social Commerce? 

Social commerce is the purchase of goods or services within a social media platform. The entire process – from product discovery to payment – happens without ever leaving the platform. This results in a frictionless purchase journey and less cart abandonment rates.

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Social commerce enables you to get in front of more potential customers. How? As mentioned, it streamlines the first purchase of a customer. Remember that you only get one first impression. Moreover, the shopping experience is just as crucial as the product itself. Social commerce creates a winning customer experience that people want to repeat. 

Furthermore, social media accounts are a great starting point to establish social proof. This is critical in online shopping as buyers can’t test or try on your product. Thus, they heavily rely on the reviews of their fellow shoppers to make an informed purchase decision. Social commerce gives buyers a chance to leave reviews in one centralized location. 

Social Commerce Best Practices 

Those are just two of the many benefits that social commerce brings. As mentioned at the outset, you’ll only enjoy growth in social commerce if you follow these practices. 

Focus on popular, lower-cost products 

Social media users are more used to buying within social media channels. However, it is rarely the main reason why they spend their time there. People use social media to see great photography, catch up with friends and family, or see trending news. 

Thus, it is likely that they are distracted and not looking to make big purchase decisions. Catch their attention and reduce friction by prioritizing popular lower-cost products. 

Experiment with chatbots 

Studies show that consumers will spend more on the personalized shopping experience. This might seem difficult to get, especially you have far less control over the social media channel’s infrastructure. Yet, the use of chatbots can tackle the personalization challenge. 

Of course, chatbots have limitations, too. However, they have the ability to provide instant, simple answers to customer inquiries. Using chatbots is a win-win situation. For instance, they can save resources as you won’t have to sit in front of a computer 24/7 to provide instant customer service. 

LEGO’s chatbot, nicknamed Ralph, is a great example of enhancing customer service. Ralph is available to provide a great customer experience 24/7. It quickly helps people choose and buy the perfect gift based on the age and interests of the recipient. 

Collaborate with micro-influencers 

Working with influencers relevant to your niche undoubtedly brings many benefits, resulting in brand growth in social commerce. You can tap into their dedicated audience to increase your reach. Indeed, it brings major rewards regardless of size or industry.

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