Amazing E-commerce Websites

How to Build Amazing E-commerce Websites

How are amazing e-commerce websites built? Let’s discuss their common factors to success.

Common Factors of Amazing E-commerce Websites

1. Product Selection 

Product selection is the most important factor in any online store’s success. Think about it for a moment. 

You are an online shopper, let’s say you are looking for a new pair of shoes. Do you go to a store that has thousands of types of shoes or do you go to a store that has only one or two types of shoes? Chances are, you will go to the store with fewer types of shoes. Why? Because you know these shoes are the best among all the others. The same principle applies to your e-commerce website. 

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The more types of products you have, the more confused your customers get. You end up losing sales because your customers can’t make up their minds on how many pairs of shoes they need that day. 

2. Quality Over Quantity 

Another important factor in any e-commerce website is product quality. Your competitors might be selling cheaper products. But, are they better than yours? If not, why should someone buy from your e-commerce website? You might have a low price but what happens when everyone else does too? 

There is no longer an incentive for customers to buy from you. So make sure your products are better than your competitors’ products. 

3. Branding 

Branding is another important element in any e-commerce website’s strategy. It does not matter if you sell cheap products if people do not know who you are and what your business values are. Make sure your logo is easily recognizable such as Amazon or Zappos’ logos and that the design of your website is eye-catching and memorable.

4. Relevant Information 

Another factor in building an amazing e-commerce website is having relevant information about the product and company available on the site. This builds trust and authority and makes people want to shop with you again in the future and recommend others to do so as well. 

5. Mobile Friendly 

If you haven’t noticed already, more and more people use their mobile phones to browse websites instead of using their computers or laptops. This means it is essential for e-commerce websites to be mobile-friendly (i.e.displayed properly on all devices). 

If someone can not access your website with his/her phone, he/she will most likely go elsewhere where they can easily access it.

6. Professionalism 

Your e-commerce website should look presentable and look as if it is a professional company. This makes customers feel comfortable and trust you with their information and business. Make sure your logo is professional and your website looks as if it has been professionally designed. 

7. Trust 

Trust is another essential element in any e-commerce website’s success. When customers come to your site, they want to feel at ease and trust that they will be taken care of if anything goes wrong or that you will deliver the product within the time specified. 

So make sure you have trustworthy customer service representatives for your e-commerce website. 

8. Pricing 

Pricing is very important when building an amazing e-commerce website. If no one knows about your products or trusts you, then what good will it do to provide a lower price? Make sure the pricing of your products is fair and competitive enough to entice customers to buy from you instead of going elsewhere. 

But also, make sure not to price too low as customers might question the quality of the product which could hurt your brand’s image.

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