E-commerce Assistant

How an E-commerce Assistant Helps

If you are running multiple stores online, an e-commerce assistant can help. But, is it worth it? What does an e-commerce assistant do?

Who is an E-commerce Assistant?

They will handle the day-to-day running of your online store. Also, they will handpick products from suppliers, take pictures of the items, list them in your store, and do all the other things you can’t be bothered to do. They will do it all

E-commerce assistants are not cheap. 

There are a lot of things an e-commerce assistant will do to help you run your store online. An e-commerce assistant can help you in some ways:

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  • Order and ship products for you
  • Pay for the shipping costs for you. 
  • Buy the product from the supplier, list it in your store, and ship it to the customer for you. 
  • Take care of product descriptions and other details that are needed for your store.
  • Help create niche markets for your products. If you are selling car accessories, they may find a new niche market that can be catered to using your existing products or using new products tailored specifically for them.

They can be your brand ambassadors.

They act as brand ambassadors and generate publicity in their network by talking about your products as well as market themselves through you. Also, they are like walking advertisements who talk about your store and promote it wherever they go.

They will notify you about new trends in your industry by following new websites or blogs related to your industry. Or by following social media channels related to your industry and post only relevant content on your blog/website so that they appear on Google searches when people make searches related to specific topics; this way they bring traffic to your website/blog which can then be converted into sales of products by using affiliate marketing techniques that we discussed earlier.

They can manage your social media accounts.

They manage social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, etc. So that they bring more traffic to your website/blog leading to more sales.

They are always available via phone, email, or Skype 24 x 7 so that customers can easily reach them whenever they need help with something related to their order or with general queries regarding the product or the industry; this is a very effective way of handling customers since it saves on employee costs too.

They will handle your customer service.

They take care of customer queries and handle customer complaints. For instance, by talking to them over the phone or by email and rectify the problem as soon as possible. They will also inform you about your customers’ complaints so that you can take corrective action immediately.

They will handle your SEO needs.

E-commerce assistants can help with all the SEO-related tasks like keyword research, link building, content development. As well as posting relevant content on social media platforms.

E-commerce Assistants Can Help

E-commerce assistants are freelancers but some of them have a few employees working for them in a small office. Some e-commerce assistants set up their own office in a popular location where there is a lot of footfall and can make good use of it to promote their business. E-commerce assistants have increased in number over the years because of the high demand for them and because they charge less than an employee would charge you for doing the same work.

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