Feedvisor Launches Algo-Commerce

Feedvisor Launches Algo-Commerce For Online Shoppers

Feedvisor Launches Algo-Commerce is the world’s first online shopping algorithm for pricing and sales intelligence. Its new brand website launches today Sept. 22. The Business is now known as Feedvisor after establishing a new field known as Algo-Commerce. Moreover, Algo-Commerce makes business-critical choices for on-line merchants. Further, they use Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms.

A refinery: Feedvisor Launches Algo-Commerce

“E-commerce reached the Big Data Era with a lot of sales in today’s internet markets. However, access to massive data is not enough on its own,” Victor Rosenman said. He is CEO and founder of Feedvisor, headquartered in Tel-Aviv. “As a refinery that converts oil to petrol, our own algorithms of the computer translate the big data. Besides, this is a real insight into a pricing option. Moreover, in real-time, that drives retailer growth.

Human error-free: Algo-Commerce

They process hundreds of thousands of data objects in real-time in Algo-Commerce. Besides, it’s faster and easier than any human-based approach. Further, meets the resolution of complicated problems. Besides, it incorporates mathematical and predictive models based on a comprehensive analysis by Feedvisor. Similarly, with statistical forecasting and market intelligence, human error in business-critical decisions can be fully removed.

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Range of preconditions

“We, as human beings, inevitably have a range of preconditions that impair the capacity to price correctly,” Rosenman added. “The self-learning algorithms of Feedvisor reduce this distortion, which leads to more efficient and good performance.”

Expansion: Feedvisor Algo-Commerce

Alone in the last year, the user base of Feedvisor has risen by 200%. Similarly, the Feedvisor network is currently running over $1 billion in total sales of products. Therefore, Feedvisor plans to broaden its product capability as 2016 approaches. Moreover, the need for trade-driven by Algo is more clear than ever for the marketplace.

About Feedvisor

Feedvisor is the founder of Algo-Commerce–the science in making crucial business choices for online retailers. Further, with the use of big data and machine learning algorithms. Consequently, Cloud-based Feedvisor has tools for the Algorithmic Repricing and Revenue Intelligence. Furthermore, it provides retailers with actionable data to improve performance and speed up market growth. Moreover, millions of pricing decisions are taken every day.

Products and merchandise

1—Contribution and consulting services for retailers and service providers.2—For suppliers and service providers to provide market details and analyses.3—Enabling stock and price policy optimization; For internet marketplace goods and services, including repricing and optimization of sales.4—Inventory regeneration of emerging goods and resources optimization and decision-making; 5 — Industry data and resources for market research, i.e. (a) reports of income research. (b) reports and warnings on company results. (c) revenue and inventory statistics. (d) General updates on industry analyses.6—providing for business reasons unbiased analysis of other firms

Data on classification

Class 035 International-

Advertising; Management; General Administration; Office Duties.

Class 042 International-

First, the study and design related to science and technology; Second, industrial analysis and research facilities; Third, computer operating systems design and development; Fourth, legal services. — Science and technical services and thereto-related study and design; Last, industrial analysis and data services.

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