Examples of Well-Designed Search UIs

Examples of Well-Designed Search UIs In The New Era

To profit admiringly from your search engine, here are Examples of Well-Designed Search UIs that might be of help. A properly built user interface is a vital aspect of a search facility. You would not profit absolutely from your search engine if your page clients or device users can not locate or use your search bar effectively. Generally, intuitive search user interfaces are simple to use. Also, complement the overall look and design of the site and, when applicable, provide full results and filters.

Examples of well-designed search UIs.

1 — Support Center AppDynamics

AppDynamics has put its search bar at the top of its support center, inviting users to specifically ask questions. Auto-complete answers are displayed during typing the questions to help you find valuable information easily. You should click on the ‘See all results’ button on the far right side of the search bar if you do not see any related output.

2 — Website of BikeTours.com

The BikeTours.com website has an optimized search feature, as the search box is in the middle of the homepage. When you click on the search bar of BikeTours.com, a drop-down is displayed which lists famous places and bike tours. Then type your search question or pick a location or cycling tour in the tab after you click on the search bar. You can get autocomplete answers if you want to type your search query.

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3—Page of the City of Boston: Examples Search UIs

You can navigate the search bar by tapping on the search icon above the top right when you visit the site of the City of Boston. Clicking on the icon sweeps through the page with a wide search bar. The bar of search runs the page length and the CSS styling corresponds very well with the general nature of the website. Moreover, they will provide you with a list of keywords.

4 — Website of Harvard Law Review: Well-Designed Search UIs

The website of the Harvard Law Review is tidy and well structured. Users can read the current cases easily. Switch to web pages like the Blog or Forum, or enter a search. Similarly, use the search box in the scrolling bar below the featured article to insert a search query. Besides, the overall configuration of the page is not subtlety designed. Furthermore, the HLR webpage search user interface is embedded.

5—Website PetCareRx: Well-Designed Search

The PetCareRx search bar begins in the top right corner of this page then when you click on it, extend it to the width of the navigation bar. Many customers come to the shop at PetCareRx, knowing which substance or brand they are shopping for. This UI search of pages has a filter-” Scan PetPlus-eligible objects “which helps shoppers to find what they need faster and keeps things tidy.

6 — Men’s Style Manual Stitch Website

Stitch Fix ‘s Style Handbook is a solidifying website for online marketing, offering useful information to both current and potential consumers. Stitch Fix aims to ensure that all its high-quality content is available and has a search bar on the Style Guide website.

7 — The Hub for Twilio Support

Twilio provides browse in their support center in the same manner as AppDynamics. The grey-bound search bar is just below the red header at the top of the helpline. Twilio identified a variety of common topics under the search bar to help direct guests who don’t know what they want.

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