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E-commerce Guide: What is Wix Ecommerce?

Wix ecommerce is an excellent platform for creating your first online store and then scaling it up. Its drag-and-drop builder and integrated e-commerce tools make it simple for newcomers, while its robust App Market allows you to reach your goals.

Thinking of building your first online store with Wix? Here is a guide for you.

What is Wix Ecommerce?

Wix eCommerce is a robust platform that allows you to create your online store and start selling products online. Just like Wix website builder, Wix e-commerce doesn’t require any coding skills. It uses a visual interface for creating your online store. You can simply drag and drop elements and easily configure them.

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In addition, Wix e-commerce has many great features such as an integrated payment gateway, shopping cart, shipping options, order management, etc. It also supports over 150 currencies worldwide.

Why use Wix Ecommerce?

You can create an online store with Wix in minutes. Its timeline-based interface allows you to create an online store in just 5 steps:

Thus, the process is simple and intuitive for all website builders including beginners with no coding skills required.

If you are an experienced web developer, you can also extend Wix e-commerce with custom code using its open-source API or third-party app market. This would allow you to customize the platform to fit your needs or integrate other services into your online store.

Wix Ecommerce includes many integrated features that will help you easily run an effective online business including order management, shipping options, payment gateway, etc. There are also many third-party plugins available if you want to further extend the platform to meet your requirements or add more features to your online store.

It is free! 

Yes, it’s completely free for both individuals and businesses! You only pay when building on top of the platform with additional features such as eCommerce apps or subscriptions for premium templates and themes on its App Market.

Unlike other platforms where you need to purchase plugins individually or subscribe to expensive plans for more features, Wix offers everything in one place at no additional cost! You just pay for what you need when you need it! If you want to try more advanced features such as Product Reviews or SEO tools, they are available on App Market.

Besides, if there is something that is not included in the platform yet, just head over to the App Market and get it. For example, if you want an app that allows customers to rate and review products, you can find it on App Market for free.

Moreover, e-commerce with Wix has a robust app market. For example, it allows you to extend the platform and integrate other services such as MailChimp, SalesForce, Google Analytics, etc.

Conclusion: Ecommerce with Wix

Ecommerce with Wix is pretty simple. You can build your online store within minutes. In this article, we learned how this is possible. For example, to create your online shop with Wix, you just need to follow 5 steps:

1. Create your page

2. Set up products

3. Design your store

4. Preview your site

5. Publish it!

Once you are done, you can launch your store! You are now ready to start selling products online with the integrated payment gateway, shopping cart, and shipping options. It’s simple and easy to do.

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