E-commerce Assistant Job Description

E-commerce Guide: E-commerce Assistant Job Description

Check this e-commerce assistant job description and know more about how an e-commerce assistant can help your e-commerce needs.

E-Commerce Assistant Job Responsibilities:

Customer service.

An e-commerce assistant will help you handle customer inquiries pleasantly, and will be the first contact for customers. He/she will be the one responding to all the emails and will be the face of your online store.

Apart from this, he/she will also help you handle shipments, mark orders as dispatched, provide customer service and browse through comments and reviews posted by customers about your business.

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Sales assistance.

E-Commerce Assistant Job duties include assisting you in sales-related activities and tasks. Such as providing information about products to customers, providing discounts and offers to customers, assisting customers in making orders. Also, to assist in the shipping process by handling returns or exchanges, etc.

Marketing & Social media.

A more experienced e-commerce assistant might also handle marketing-related tasks:

  • creating content for social media pages, blog posts, etc.
  • manage ads on search engines like Google Adwords or Bing Ads
  • managing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by providing keywords and updating meta tags and other page elements
  • promoting sales by sending out bulk emails
  • branding activities by creating graphics for products or website 
  • creating buyer personas by studying customer’s buying patterns 
  • building up a blog to get traffic to your site 
  • tracking traffic on-site using analytic tools like Google Analytics
  • helping you build up your mailing list by providing incentives to people who subscribe to it 
  • assisting you with Facebook advertising by creating ad copy for Facebook ads
  • handling social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn

More admin tasks. 

However, an e-commerce assistant job description is not just limited to these things. An e-commerce assistant might also help you with other things like: 

  • data entry related tasks (like entering product details or shipping information)
  • accounting related tasks (like making payment for bills or taxes)
  • payroll related tasks (like calculating salaries of employees)
  • HR-related tasks (like preparing employee contracts)
  • providing customer support (through live chats)
  • running errands (like getting documents signed from third parties) 
  • and many others depending on his/her experience level and what exactly he/she has been hired for.

Qualities to Look for in an E-commerce Assistant

Apart from knowing the job description of an e-commerce assistant, it is also important to spot the qualities in a candidate that could help him/her in getting a job as an e-commerce assistant. These are some qualities you need to look for in a candidate:

E-commerce industry knowledge 

This is one of the most important qualities. The candidate should have basic knowledge about the e-commerce industry. He/she should be aware of trends, challenges, marketing strategies, etc. He/she might not have worked before in the e-commerce industry but having a general understanding of e-commerce would be helpful.

Eagerness to learn 

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry and new things are happening every day. The candidate should be eager to learn new things and technology related to e-commerce so that he/she can keep up with changing times and technologies.

Good social skills

As an online store owner, you will need someone who can deal with customers nicely and pleasantly. The candidate should be able to handle all kinds of customers: from those who are nice and friendly to disruptive or rude ones. So, good social skills are very important to interact with customers online or over the phone.

Basic computer literacy 

To work as an e-commerce assistant, the candidate should at least know how to use Microsoft Office tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Apart from this, he/she should know how to navigate through your website: create pages on your website, create blogs, etc. And he/she should also know how to use Google Analytics or other similar tools so that he/she can track traffic on these websites or tell you about the traffic patterns on your website.

Being organized is crucial 

An e-commerce assistant needs to keep track of multiple things at once (like products, orders placed by customers, etc.) so being organized is crucial for him/her. He/she should be able to multitask and handle different tasks at once so that he/she doesn’t get overwhelmed by too many tasks at once and lose focus on one task completely. 

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