e-commerce and social media integration

E-commerce and Social Media Integration – How?

The practice of e-commerce and social media integration has boomed in popularity over the past few years. How can you effectively leverage this practice? 

Both e-commerce and social media have experienced massive growth due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prolonged lockdowns have forced most people to stay in their homes and spend more time on the Internet. 

It is true that the sales happen in your online store. However, social media is where you may warm prospects up so it is crucial to have a great social media strategy. A recent survey revealed that 84% of American shoppers check reviews on social media sites before making a purchase. 

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Hence, you must strongly consider the idea of e-commerce and social media integration. If you are unsure where to start, follow the tips below. 

Embed Social Buttons On Your Product Pages

Putting a few social buttons on your product pages makes the customer journey more seamless. These buttons allow your customers to easily jump from your product page to your social channels to find out more information about your brand.

You might think that this option might distract and prevent customers from buying. However, take note that most customers don’t make purchases the first time they visit an online store. In fact, studies show that 78% of customers abandon their carts. 

Embedding social buttons on your product pages gives customers the chance to interact with your brand. Furthermore, it will help you engage them and set them in the mood to return and make a purchase. 

Post Videos of Your Products To Social Media

Consumers spend huge amounts of time watching videos online. Although they primarily use social media to be social, they are also willing to interact with brands that produce compelling content. Thus, you must not be afraid to create and share a product video on your social media channels. 

The best product videos are short, concise, and engaging. You may even make it a tad entertaining if it is appropriate. Moreover, expand the video’s reach by using the right hashtags and encouraging sharing. You may even incentivize more shares by offering rewards. 

Interact With Your Customers On Social Media

Customers want to be heard so spend more time with them. Moreover, interacting with your customers allows you to answer objections. As result, you’ll build trust and greater relationships with your customers. 

Be the brand that listens by responding to their comments. Be involved in the conversations. However, make sure to use the right tone of voice when interacting with customers. Be upbeat, positive, friendly, and humorous. Remain calm and show empathy if a consumer turns a bit nasty. Remember that they might have acted that way due to their frustration with the experience they received from your brand. This trait is important in e-commerce and social media integration.

Add Your Logo Everywhere

Your logo is the face of your brand. Add it to your online store and your social media channels to reassure customers that they are in the right place. Furthermore, add your logo to your visual content, too. 

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