E-commerce Advantages

E-commerce Advantages for Customers

While e-commerce benefits marketers, how about customers? See the following e-commerce advantages that every marketer should know. By doing so, you will know how to better treat your customers online and build better relationships with them.

E-commerce Advantages for Customers

Reduced price

E-commerce allows customers to buy products at a cheaper price or with a special discount. Now, the customer can get discounts from online stores like Lazada Malaysia. Also, you can get your products at a cheaper price if you shop directly from the factory or its warehouse. You can even negotiate with the seller regarding the price of the product.

Online reviews

Online reviews are one of the key factors that make e-commerce more popular among customers. With online reviews, customers will have many choices on which product they should buy. They don’t have to go to a physical store anymore because they can just buy it online without any hassle.

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Online recommendations

With the help of online recommendations or product reviews, customers can know about the features, specifications, and quality of a certain product that they want to buy. 

Online customer service

Customer service is essential in e-commerce because customers may have questions regarding their orders. If you don’t provide good customer service then you will lose their trust and they will never come back to your website again. But if they are well-served then they will surely tell their friends and online communities about their experience and how satisfied they are with your service.

Affordable shipping cost

Shipping cost is one of the biggest headaches for most retailers since it affects their profit greatly. But some retailers provide free shipping services like Lazada Malaysia. This is also a major advantage for Malaysian consumers because there are many products offered at a discounted price with free shipping included in them. This makes it easier for them to purchase products at a cheaper price compared to what they see in physical stores or shopping malls.

E-commerce Disadvantages for Customers

Security concerns

Security and privacy are some of the biggest issues of e-commerce. Hackers and other hackers are always looking for ways to get information about customers and steal their data. This data can be used to steal their credit card information or even fraudulently use the customer’s identity.

Unsatisfactory shipping services

Shipping services can be slow or unreliable. The product may arrive later than expected or it may not arrive at all. Unreliable shipping services can lead to a bad customer experience. The customer will then lose interest in your website and never return because of your bad services.

Inconvenience when buying online

It is not easy to buy products online because you need to know exactly what you want first before looking for it on the internet. You need to know the specifications, features, and how it looks for you to buy a product online. This is where physical stores offer an advantage over online stores. In physical stores, you can see the product first before buying it so that you will be sure that this is what you want and that it will fit your needs and taste.

Perhaps by weighing these advantages and disadvantages, marketers can deliver better services. As for consumers, this can help you balance your expectations while shopping online.

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