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Do You Need a VP E-commerce?

Are you thinking of boosting your e-commerce strategy? How about hiring a VP of e-commerce? Here’s how it can help you.

Today, we’re going to talk about your e-commerce strategy and how hiring a VP of e-commerce can help you further it. 

So, what is VP e-commerce? 

It is an executive who is designated to supervise and coordinate all e-commerce activities within a company or organization. They are responsible for the success of your online presence and your online sales.

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A VP e-commerce can help you achieve better results in four ways:

1. To drive growth 

One of the most important roles of a VP of e-commerce is to drive growth through analytics and data. They will be able to track your company’s progress against competitors and based on previous successes and failures. A VP of e-commerce can help you find new opportunities and analyze existing ones so you know where to focus your efforts and resources.

2. To manage costs 

Through their experience, they can help you cut costs by using available resources more efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenditures, etc.

3. To boost customer satisfaction 

This goes hand in hand with item number two, cutting costs. If you are able to cut costs by improving the way you do business, then customers are sure to be pleased with what they get for their money.

4. To reduce risks 

This includes risks relating to staff, funding, marketing opportunities, etc. It also includes risks connected to data security or compliance issues that might otherwise lead to penalties or bad publicity for your brand.

How Do You Hire a VP E-Commerce?

If your company’s online sales are not doing so well, hiring a VP of e-commerce should be one of your top priorities since it will have the power to push sales through the roof. However, how do you go about hiring one? 

Here are some tips:

1. Know what your goals are 

Make sure that the person you hire knows exactly what it is that you want them to accomplish. What are your goals? What will it take for them to be successful? How long do they have before they need to show results? What does success look like? You need to have clear expectations for this position since you will want someone who can hit the ground running as soon as possible.

2. Find the right person 

The ideal candidate will have loads of experience managing e-commerce strategies within leading companies in the industry. The best sources for this experience will be online reviews and articles, as well as industry conferences and events.

3. Work with a recruiter 

A recruiter will be able to help you find the best fit for your needs whether they are local or remote. Recruiters work with many different kinds of organizations and can help you find someone who will be a good fit for your organization and your budget.

4. Ask for references and reviews 

Never hire someone who does not have references and reviews available to verify their skills and experience. If they don’t have references and reviews, then you should consider hiring someone else. Their references should come from previous employers who can vouch for their work ethics, technical skills, communication skills, etc. They should also have reviews from previous clients saying things like “they are the best” or “they are terrible” or whatever the case may be — depending on how their work went.

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