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Best Social Commerce Apps To Look For

Best Social Commerce Apps. You want to get inspiration and be on board with social commerce trends! A list of social commerce apps for merchants is what you need. There are social networks with new commerce technologies. At the same time, extra tools to assist merchants in socializing their items. The majority of these resources are free.


Instagram introduced Shoppable Posts for tagging and buying things straight from the platform. Users can tag up to five products per single-image post in both new and old posts.

Moreover, consumers can complete purchases without leaving the Instagram app. Besides, Instagram included commerce in its “Stories and Explore” section. So, businesses can now use the configurable text color to add one product sticker to any story.

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Then, shoppers will be transported to the same product details page. Yes, the same view when they touch on a shopping post in a feed when they tap on a product sticker.

Instagram is also experimenting with a shopping-related topic channel under Explore. The shopping channel is for each user’s shopping preferences. Also, it will feature shopping posts from a variety of businesses.

Instagram is integrated with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Facebook has been working on developing its buy buttons. Also, its ecommerce functionality for years.

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento all have Facebook integrations. It allows retailers to convert customers from a Facebook page to a store gallery.

Furthermore, Facebook included a Buy Now option to its Messenger app last year. Users can mesh with and buy goods and services from retailer bots. Yes, without ever leaving Facebook using a buy button in Messenger. That’s why it’s one of the best social commerce apps.


Buyable Pins were on Pinterest in 2015. It allows shoppers to buy things without leaving the pinboard and site.

Today, businesses can leverage product-rich pins. In return, reach Pinterest’s 250 million monthly active users. It displays the most up-to-date price, availability, and product description.

BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, IBM Commerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud all have Pinterest integrations. Sellers can also use self-serve tools, sales support, and third-party measurement partners. It’s either to promote pins or target audiences. At the same time, increase traffic, drive actions, or track impact.

Pinterest also has a Messenger chat extension. Also, a bot that allows pinners to use Messenger to search, discuss ideas, and buy things.


Beetailer is a Facebook application. It allows you to import your existing web store.

Moreover, Beetailer works with Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and Amazon Webstore, among other platforms. Create a Facebook store from scratch utilizing the custom store functionality.

Beetailer also provides some tools for promoting your brand and items. And for automating marketing, integrating Facebook comments into your store, and analyzing outcomes. 

Lastly, Beetailer offers a free account with up to 30 products and one store. Monthly premium plans start at $40.

Brands may use to produce shoppable influencer photographs for mobile platforms. Sellers must become rewardStyle influencers to submit shoppable content. provides shoppable product data after influencers tag things in their photographs. Followers use the application to find and curate collections of ready-to-shop photos.

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