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Best Social Commerce Approaches You Must Take

Social commerce is the ability to make purchases within the platform itself. What social commerce approaches should you take to benefit from this practice?

Use content to drive commerce 

If you’ve been using social media for quite some time, you know how important images are. Meanwhile, social commerce approaches push brands to rethink their social media content. Most of the focus on social marketing is currently on brand building and consumer engagement. Brands publish content mainly to drive traffic to a branded website. 

However, content strategies for social commerce have a different focus. It is more closely aligned with sales. For instance, the aim of Instagram Checkout is not to divert the traffic to another site, but to convert there and then. Hence, creative strategies geared towards direct conversions may seem quite different from those focused on engagement and discovery. 

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Prioritize pictures

Facebook has decided to roll out a full native commerce feature on Instagram due to the platform’s picture-oriented nature. It’s not just Facebook and Instagram that uses visual content as the main medium to drive sales online. In 2018, Google introduced shoppable image ads. Moreover, Pinterest is also considered a pioneer in this strategy. 

Studies show that customer prefers visual information than written details when purchasing decisions. Hence, visual branding and how you present your products will be the key to social commerce. Furthermore, images could be to social commerce what user reviews were to Amazon – the thing that will make your customers buy or abandon their carts. 

Shorten journeys, smooth sales

Convenience is arguable the main thing that attracts customers into native purchasing on social media. Around 20% of shoppers already use social media to find products and get inspiration. Hence, the option of buying products without leaving the platform is sure to increase the appeal of social commerce.

While waiting for other platforms to roll out social commerce, you can take a lesson from Instagram Checkout. That is keep the purchasing option close to your social content. Moreover, make the transaction process as smooth as possible. Remember that the fewer clicks the shopping journey has, the higher chances you’ll convert. 

Cash in on influencers

Influencer marketing has become a core strategy in social media marketing. Likes, shares, or mentions of influencers to your business can surely raise brand awareness and engagement. Yet, the stakes are even higher in social commerce. Influencer marketing is linked directly to sales conversions. 

Your goal must be to align influencer marketing tactics with purchasing options. You want people to be able to click and buy at the moment they’re getting the inspiration and making their decision. One of the social commerce approaches is to accomplish this is to re-post screenshots of testimonials with buying links or shoppable tags. 

Provide service with an e-smile

Social media provides brands and customers an opportunity for two-way communication. Customer service is part of the recipe for success. Hence, you need to answer inquiries or resolve issues in a timely manner. Listen to the customers’ suggestions. Great customer service locks in loyalty and drives more value. 

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